China Construction Bank


To design the interiors for the first South African overseas branch of a leading Chinese bank


In traditional Chinese culture, qì or ch’i is an active principle forming part of any living thing. Qi, which literally translates as “breath” or “air” and figuratively as “life force” or “energy flow” is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. This was the basis of the brief we were given by China Construction Bank for their first overseas branch in South Africa. Situated in a state of the art building at 95 Grayston Drive in Sandton, CCB Jhb concentrates on offering Merchant, Wholesale and Investment Banking products and services to the South African business community.


95 Grayston Drive, Sandton


18 months


September 2008


Office space for 100 staff, main reception, atrium, staff restaurant and gymnasium

What we did

A Free flow energy design with unique décor requirements


We channelled this free flow of energy concept throughout the office plan design, introducing unique décor requirements while overseeing the enlarging and provision of a kitchen facility to support the staff restaurant and the design of a gymnasium which would be different yet functional.