Travel Doctor


As a business focusing on tailored health services for business travellers, expatriates and remotely deployed personnel, Travel Doctor Corporate wanted to relocate their business from Northcliff to Rosebank in order to be closer to the business hub and their corporate clients.


The corporate travel health solutions company has a small team of doctors and a radiologist who operate from the health practice to provide a range of services for business and recreational travellers.


Through the nature of their business, the client also travels a lot throughout southern Africa, Africa and across the world and it was important for them to have an office which relates to the traveller in general.


As the client also has an affinity for Africa and its roots, it was necessary to portray this through the office interiors and design.


8th floor, Rosebank Fire Station, 16 Baker Street, Rosebank, Johannesburg


12 weeks


April 2018


300m² consisting of a reception/waiting area, dedicated toilet facilities, X-ray facility, three doctors’ rooms, two nurses’ rooms, open plan office for managing and administration staff, kitchenette and boardroom.

What we did

The focus for the reception and waiting area references an “Out of Africa” travel experience through the use of tan and dark leathers, khaki green felt and textured fabrics in furnishings.


A striking sisal rug, metal trunks for coffee tables and Bambaleki carved side tables from Cameroon add to the African flavour.

Travel is evoked through a 4 x 2 meter “antique” world map which conceals storage cupboards in this space.


The use of oil-stained oak contrast with black accents in the reception counter, along with wire “cage” pendants and filament lamps hanging from the ceiling adds depth to the space.


Meanwhile, the travel theme continues onto the bulkhead through its distinctive ‘city street map’ wallpaper.


The Africa theme carries through into the rest of the office, as seen in the glass partitions of the boardroom which are treated with vinyl printed with images of baobab trees from Limpopo.


Meanwhile, the boardroom table and side server unit were both custom-made from solid African timbers.


And, since Travel Doctor Corporate is also involved in health care services for the mining industry, we highlighted this in the form of a relief cutout of an iconic mine shaft tower on an accent wall.