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It’s about you. Personalised. Individual. Luxurious. The essence of who you are. These are the hallmarks of a home designed and decorated by Head Interiors
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home design

home décor that is personalised and reflects who you are

design consulting

“It’s about you.
We take care to understand your lifestyle and home needs,
designing your new home from the inside out.”

Personalised. Individual. Luxurious details and finishes that reflect the essence of who you are. These are the hallmarks of a Head Interior home.


With over 30 years of interior design experience, Head Interiors is proud of its reputation for creating extraordinary homes.


We take care to understand your lifestyle, family and home needs, designing your new home from the inside out while ensuring that your individual taste and lifestyle are at the core of your home design.


Depending on the stage of the project we tailor our services to suit your needs.

At inception stage, Head Interiors can form part of the briefing process to the architect, helping to define room scale for furnishings, placing of lighting fixtures – right down to ensuring plug points are located appropriately.


Head Interiors draws on an extensive network of craftsmen, artisans and furnishing and décor to provide luxurious finishes and detailing for interiors in an elegant, yet eclectic style reflecting your tastes and requirements.

exclusive home design

exclusive home design



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