Bayport Financial Services


Established in 2004, Bayport has rapidly become one of the largest non-bank providers of unsecured credit and allied products in South Africa. The financial solutions company sought to consolidate its different divisions into one building to enable smoother integration across various departments.


3 Alice Ln, Sandown, Sandton


12 Months


June 2019


15,000 square metre office with four floors comprising a client interface area, training facility, staff dining and café, call centre and admin facilities while an entertainment area is housed on the fifth floor.

What we did

We undertook space planning, interior design and the specification of finishes and fittings to adapt an existing building to the visually communicate the client’s mission of providing financial solutions which are inclusive while embracing technology, product leadership and innovation.


At the heart of the building is a replica of one of the many financial services centres which Bayport has across the country.


The company’s call training centre is located on the east side with the west side of the building comprising its Academy training facility and client interface spaces, spanning 15 different formats and sizes of meeting rooms.


Also integrated on the ground floor is the client service centre which provides direct clientele interface while enabling staff to be trained in this aspect of the business.


Intuitive of the company’s desire for greater integration, the call centre and administration facilities are open plan to encourage collaboration.


The design of this area not only optimizes greater workflow but will seamlessly accommodate the expansion requirements of this growing enterprise.


With staff mostly comprising a young generation of employees, the design style is both dynamic and playful, informed by a strong exploration of graphics in both communal areas and the office spaces.


Street art-inspired details through vinyl applications punctuate the pause areas and the Academy training facility while other features include a framed vertical garden.


The kitchen was completely remodelled and upgraded, introducing an extensive 120-seater café and staff dining area boasting a variety of food stations and cuisines to cater for different tastes.


The space, which spills out onto an outside deck, comprises a range of different seating options from high benches to flexible dining tables which can be combined to accommodate larger groups.