Group 5

  • group 5 - space efficient and green rated
  • group 5 - open plan campus workspace for many business units

About This Project

“A common planning and design solution to fit and work for diverse groups while remaining space efficient”



Established in 1974, Group Five stands tall as one of the world’s leading construction companies, operating in over 20 countries with more than 12 000 people in its employ. As its name reflects, the company features various business units under its banner, covering integrated construction services, materials and infrastructure investment.
Most of the group’s business units had developed their own branding, way of working and identity and Head Interiors was tasked with developing a campus workspace which consolidated these various “ independent” businesses under one roof with a singular vision and direction.


What we did

Understanding that it was crucial for these various divisions to be at ease and productive in this new environment, we decided to first engage with the group’s staff, leading an intensive change management process to enable the necessary buy-in and commitment from the various business units.
Subsequently, we developed a common planning and design solution which would fit, and work, for all these diverse groupings while remaining space efficient.
The result is an open plan campus which it light, bring and airy while remaining relatively private.


Specifications: 25 000 m/ campus with central feature being a ‘high street-style’ atrium including cafes for staff dining, information bulletins and various other points of interest along with aesthetic accents such as sculpture.



Waterfall Office Park


24 months


December 2014