Majestic Sandhurst Home


Transforming a stately house into a home


Our client, a leading business executive with whom we had worked with on a previous property, walked us through this empty house in one of the country’s sought-after suburbs and asked: “Can you turn on your magic here”.

Satisfied with our answer, they purchased the property and commissioned us to transform what was a cold yet modern and majestic house into a home infused with warmth and personal flourishes.




12 months




Luxurious and expansive five-bedroom home including a home cinema and distinctive gallery-style space

What we did

The voluminous large house, with its hard spaces, was carefully remodelled by introducing colour, texture, soft furnishings and accessories. Taking advantage of the expansive area, a gallery-style space was introduced to prominently and evocatively display the clients’ sizeable existing art collection.


Meanwhile, North African accents, fused with contemporary while comfortable features add a distinctive and unique character to the home. Strong earthy ochre hues were introduced to two walls to create accents while the distinctive timber elements of the home’s joinery infused the house with warmth.


The home is a testament to our commitment to longevity in design, with the home retaining its modern feel more than a decade later.